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1 ARP coordinates and site at AD 485151N 0175932E
Geometric centre of the RWY 04/22.
2 Direction and distance from (city) 3,5 km from Trenčín Castle
3 Elevation/Reference temperature 206 m (676 ft) / 25,3° C (JUL)
4 AD Operator Letecké opravovne Trenčín, a.s.
Address Legionárska 160, 911 04 TRENČÍN
5 TEL + 421 32 656 52 55,
+ 421 905 21 56 95,
+ 421 903 79 33 58,
FAX + 421 32 658 18 10
6 Types of traffic permitted VFR,day
7 Aircraft types MTOM limited by strength of RWY 03/21.
RWY 04/22 (concrete) available O/R via TEL.
8 Operational hours MON-FRI: 0600-1300 (0500-1200)
9 MET Briefing Office Not available.
10 Fuel types NIL
11 Oil types NIL
12 Hangar space for visiting aircraft Limited.
13 Repair facilities for visiting aircraft Limited, by prior arrangement with AD OPR.
14 AD category for fire fighting CAT 3
15 Seasonal availability Snow cutter, snow sweeper, snow plough.
16 Hotels In the town.
17 Restaurants In the town.
18 Medical facilities Hospital in the town (3 km).
19 Transportation Public transport, taxi
20 Remarks
SEAGLE AIR+421 32 658 73 35,
Aeroklub+421 32 652 08 11,
Air Sympatia+421 32 652 60 45
SEAGLE AIR+421 32 658 73 33,
Aeroclub+421 32 652 60 13,
Air Sympatia+42132 658 17 55
21 Aerodrome Obstacles
21.1 In approach and take-off areas
21.2 In circling area and at AD
Obstacle type
Hill Hradište
ELEV 318 m/1 050 ft
Markings: no
LGT: no
485200N 0180020E
22 Local Traffic Regulations
22.1 Airport regulations
The aerodrome traffic circuits shall be executed to W unless required otherwise by Trenčín AFIS controller. After initial contact at the entry point to the AFIS zone Trenčín (Jastrabie, Beckov, Nemšová) proceed to the down wind position of the W circuit of RWY, maintaining the maximum altitude 1700 ft, or according to the instructions of the AFIS controller.
When the radio communication failure occurs, proceed to the down wind position on the E side of RWY 03/21 and maintain the maximum altitude 1700 ft. Hold and observe the visual signals from the TWR.
22.2 Taxiing to and from stands
According to ground technical assistance.
22.3 Parking area for small aircraft
(General aviation)
After landing on RWY 03/21 use of the Aeroclub stands is available.
22.4 Parking area for helicopters
22.5 Apron - taxiing during winter condition
22.6 Taxiing - limitations
Taxiing on TWY C only by assistance of "FOLLOW ME".
22.7 School, training and technical test flights - use of RWY
22.8 Helicopter traffic - limitations
22.9 Removal of disabled aircraft from RWY
23 Additional Information
23.1 Bird concentrations in the vicinity of the aerodrome
Determination of migrations with potential hazard to air traffic:
Spring migration period of birds takes place from the beginning of February until the end of April.
Autumn migration period of birds takes place from the beginning of September until the end of November.
The daily interval is not registered due to the approximately low occurence of birds.
Average flight level of birds is 800 m up to 1 000 m.
23.2 Frequencies
During OPR HR:
Monday - Friday:
TRENČÍN TWR 120,75 MHz (123,60 MHz - supplementary; 119,175 MHz - supplementary)
Saturday - Sunday:
123,60 MHz (119,175 MHz - supplementary)
24 Noise abatement procedures
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