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A new motivation and wage system...
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Maintenance and upgrades of aircraft...
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Quality in compliance with normative basis of EASA, ISO...
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Our persuasion
It is absolutely essential for us to thoroughly handle business processes and achieve their permanent improvement by use of appropriate methods, and by involving all employees in eliminating waste. Therefore, we are consciously moving away from the process management to the KAIZEN system: i.e. ensuring constant improvement by way of gradual non-radical changes, and the 5S system so as to boost efficiency of allocated resources and working safety, better organization and visualization of processes at workplaces so that everyone may immediately recognize the relevant norms as well as any digression from them.
Conditions existing prior to transformation
enormous operating costs
low financial discipline, payment flows from all former divisions
non-enforced or not adequately enforced claims
What we build on
control of all financial flows
project management (manufacturing plan - network graph - weekly plan elaboration - immediate information update on the stage of development, and on whether or not we are ahead of time or falling behind the schedule)
a change in the logic and the system of planning
financial control
- when drawing up a comprehensive plan
- when drawing up plans for individual divisions and for each cost item
- reporting outstanding claims
calculation of prices by a completely new methodology - a shift toward monitoring the costs in manufacturing, administration and supplies in conformity with the plan and project management
elimination of non-productive activities
Despite intra-company cooperation, at the current prices of energy, the price of a product may be three times higher than normal, therefore we prefer:
- eliminating all non-productive activities,
- purchasing products from other companies,
- retraining our own personnel.
What we consider as important from our perspective
decreasing operating costs
energy - reconstruction of the whole heating system
wage policy - a shift from a task-based to a time-based wage
digitalization of information flows - minimization of paper documentation
Our vision
We are building a healthy company within a healthy environment - one that will attract customers upon their first coming into contact with it.
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