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What we inherited (as confirmed by the results the February 2006 audit)
No methodical-managerial activities in the sphere of human resources existed in the past.
No motivation, reward and social systems building on work-related performance assessment existed in the past.
No education programs and managerial training; specialized courses were only focused on the certification of aircraft repairs, or updates on legislative amendments.
The structure of employees demonstrated a disproportionate representation between university-educated employees (1/10), technical-maintenance workers (approx. 1/2) and workers.
Workforce shortages in some professions became evident (for example, painters - varnishers, tinsmith - riveters).
Despite these shortages, we manage to attain positive economic results. However, we cannot afford to drag our feet.
Our position on the structure of employees
to recruit and stabilize new employees
to promote cooperation with the University of Žilina in Žilina and Trenčín-based Alexander Dubček University (recruitment of new prospective workforce)
to enhance cooperation with our former Aviation-Repair Vocational School (incl. retraining employees for inadequately staffed positions)
to increase replacement levels
We place special emphasis on
a new motivation system (cancellation of task-based reports, introduction of hourly wage, measurable criteria)
a new reasonable and just wage system, one taking into account real performance and work quality
motivation changes for business representatives - (bonuses - share of economic results)
a new education system (specialized courses, follow-on training for managers, broadening of knowledge, increasing qualifications, or retraining)
a new social benefit program for all company employees regardless of their position (non-financial rewards, social events, relaxation, good working relations)
elimination of purposeless bureaucracy within all organizational components
development of an open-door policy
Our employee should demonstrate the following three principal characteristics:
responsibility for company results,
loyalty to colleagues and company objectives,
initiative-taking in translating new concepts and ideas into practice.
What we do
rewarding and motivation of employees
organization issues
personnel issues
social benefits
administration of accommodation facilities
cafeteria and kitchen
administration of recreation facilities
health and property protection (safety/fire technicians)
Our vision
By applying a variety of personnel strategies and systemic procedures, we are committed to motivating our employees to achieve higher performance. Better results help deepen the understanding and trust, not only in company management, but also in people, thus consolidating support for our vision.
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