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What is crucial
To decrease obstacles, to simplify and speed up activities so as to have material and spare components available at any time at our work stations. As a result, we have modernized our computer network and we feed the databases with relevant data. It is also our goal to eliminate paper flow of information, directives, orders, requirements, storage-related papers, etc.
We pay special attention to
identification and traceability of material
- provision of material and spare component deliveries
- assignment of manufacturing tasks and sustainment of manufacture by provision of material
- provision of cooperative activities (we are not able to repair or manufacture everything by ourselves)
storage of material, spare components, oxygen cylinders, ejection seat rockets, chemicals, etc.
- concentration of storage premises in one area and their better use
- central storage facility with shelf systems
customs issues - export and import of material
transport - receipt and dispatch
Our position
we maintain the interface between our workplaces
we make sure that material and information flow as fast as possible and with no impediment
Our vision
We aim to have a description of the repair to be conducted available in real time, to be updated about the latest storage levels, to immediately recognize what material and spare components need to be supplied, and what areas of activity should be addressed through cooperation.
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