Human resources management division
A new motivation and wage system...
Manufacturing management division
Maintenance and upgrades of aircraft...
Quality management division
Quality in compliance with normative basis of EASA, ISO...
Technical support division
Designing support documents for manufacture...
Basic information and local traffic regulations...
Orders and Invoices...
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Primary line of products
general repairs and checks of such type of aircraft as L-410 Turbolet, MiG-29, L-39 Albatros, L-29 Delfin, and Mi-17 and Mi-24 helicopters
repairs and revisions of high pressure air compressors, oxygen production machines, high pressure hydraulic power units, atmospheric air stations, and air defense technical systems (incl. missile pylons, missiles, refueling and oxidizer refilling systems, SURN radars)
device and component repairs of the said equipment
radiotechnical device repairs (R-107, R-111, R-123, R-173)
repairs and calibration of control and measurement equipment in our own metrological laboratory with the certificate of accreditation STN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 issued by the Slovak National Accreditation Service
upgrading of aircraft radio navigation and radio communications systems by installing devices of renown companies such as King Bendix, Rockwell Collins, Becker, Garmin and others
protective surface treatment of aircraft metals and painting
New and important
Digitalization of all accompanying repair documentation and all information flows.
Immediate access to all documents in electronic form by all organizational elements brings a qualitatively new level of work, significantly shortens the time needed for implementation of the manufacturing process and related processes.
Determination of when, where and how much material is required for repairs in order to speed up the flow of material.
Development of the Just in Time system that simplifies planning and decreases the time of delivery.
Things still to be addressed
workplace improvement, decoration and ergonomics
integration of workplaces to cut transport and delivery times
Our capabilities
maintenance of aircraft and aircraft units in line with individual stages
repairs and overhauls of avionics and testing
aircraft upgrades
introduction of innovative products
Principal procedures for product implementation
detection results and identification of procedures to be applied
work in progress, individual stages, phases (network graph)
product handover
Secondary line of products
manufacture of high-pressure pipes and hoses
hydraulic device repair
aircraft specialist training
trade and mediation activities
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