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What we do
draft design support documents required for manufacture (repairs, modernization, introduction of new products)
- make blueprints
draft technological support documentation required for manufacture (repairs, modernization, introduction of new products)
- make technological summaries (principal activities for disassembly, maintenance, repair, reassembly)
- outline technological procedures (a process outline of activities)
- work out measurement protocols (parameters of components)
- complete reports (write records for each and every disassembly and reassembly stage conducted, including such items as name of employee, name of team leader, quality management division supervisor, etc.)
Other tasks
participate in drawing up new projects and writing assessment reports
participate in the conduct of joint company and control tests (methodology of tests, protocols)
provide support for flight trials and tests and ensure adjustment of technical or design documentation based on technical and organizational measures
prepare draft supplements to be integrated within the Flight Manual and supplements for the Comprehensive Equipment Maintenance and Care Instructions
prepare technological record cards for aircraft technicians (periods, extents and procedures for newly built-in equipment care)
write definitions for new control-measurement equipment and material required for common operational maintenance
prepare equipment for military testing, work the operator's proposals into documentation or carry out equipment adjustments after conducting military tests
A new look at our division
engineering section (personnel specializing in aircraft bodies - engines, armament, component repair, manufacture of spare components and repair of airport ground vehicles and equipment)
electrical engineering (electricians, radio installation and radio-technical specialists, aircraft instrument panel specialists - navigation, communication, identification, lighting, instrument panels, etc.)
When providing solutions to satisfy the requirements of the Slovak Armed Forces, or orders of other domestic or foreign customers, we set up project teams led by senior project managers.
Quality management division is the guarantor of the project implementation stage, while the conceptual potential and work is supplied by our division.
We form an important link between our manufacturing and trade divisions and our customers or manufacturers of aviation equipment.
In order to ensure compliance with EASA Part-145 while repairing or upgrading civil aviation equipment, and to establish efficient practices for project implementation meeting all technical and legislative norms, we maintain a close liaison with the Civil Aviation Authority of the Slovak Republic.
As far as military aviation equipment is concerned, to comply with procedures, norms, operational requirements and the operator's tactical-technical task assignments, we maintain close contact with Slovenský letecký inštitút, a.s. (Slovak Aviation Institute JSC).
Our vision
Our objective is to establish closer contacts with large aircraft manufacturers; to develop a system of cooperative component manufacturing for large companies; and to build and develop new lines of products, while using offset programs as much as possible.
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