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Our view of development
Until recently, the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic were our main customer (they accounted for 90% of repairs, currently, they now account for approx. 60% of repairs). The core of our activities is moving to the provision of repairs for the armed forces of other countries and for the civilian sector.
We aim to continue offering repairs of aviation equipment for the military sector; however, not exclusively for the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic.
Establishing new contacts and expanding the portfolio of offered activities is a planned and long-term process. It is our priority, but at the same time it is a long-distance run.
Our position
we are an intermediary between our customer and our joint stock company
we offer products on behalf of our JSC
we introduce requirements of our customers within our joint stock company
Our vision
Within 3 years we are determined to manufacture 50% of our products for the civil sector.
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