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Message of first aircraft technicians from Nitra (1919)
Transfer of the French Aviation Park No. 408 along with its storage and repair workshop detachment from Prague to Nitra - repairs of aircraft for two Czechoslovak aviation platoons at Nitra field airport
Establishment of a Czechoslovak Aviation Section within the Administration and Aviation Storage Facility in Nitra - repairs of UFAG (Ungarische-Flugzeugfabrik AG) Hansa-Brandenburg C.I, SPAD VII / XIII and Bréguet XIV aircraft.
Regimental workshop and aviation storage facility traditions (Nitra 1920 - 1938)
Regimental workshops, later known as the Regimental Park of Aviation Regiment 3 M. R. Štefánika in Nitra - besides aircraft repairs, it specialized in the manufacture of gliders such as Nitra-1, Nitra-3, Nitra-2 (engine-powered), Zobor-1 (biplane) (1920 - 1931).
Establishment and operation of the Zemplín Aviation Storage Facility 3 in Nitra - general overhauls of aircraft such as Aero A-11, Ab-11, AP-32, APb-32, A-29, A-211, A-230, Letov Š-13, Š-16, Š-616, Š-128, Š-328, Zlín XII, Avia B-21, Ba-33, B-534, Praga E-114, Walter IV, Hispano-Suiza HS 8Fb, Škoda I, Lorraine-Ditrich 12C engines (1932 - 1938).
Heritage of Aircraft Repair Company's direct predecessors (Trenčín 1934 - 1949)
Set-up of a repair-supply base, an airport, and a flight school in Trenčín (Trenčianske Biskupice 1934 - 1938).
Aviation Storage Facility 3 moves from Nitra to Trenčín with its workshops, and so does the Flight School from Piešťany, hence broadening the range of repairs by Avia B-34, B-534, Bk-534, Ba-122, Praga E-39, E-241, Aero A-100, Beta Minor Be-50 and by repairs of automotive equipment (1939 - 1940).
Reconstruction of the Trenčín-based repair facilities destroyed by explosions of German bombs (1945).
Post-war operation of the Czechoslovak Army's Aviation Park 1 - later that of the Regional Aviation Storage Facility 4 in Nitra, and assignment of a group of specialists to the airport battalion in Trenčianske Biskupice to support the airport's activities - repairs of aircraft such as C-4 / Bücker Bu-131D, C-2 / Arado Ar-96B, C-6 / Bücker Bu-181, Zlín XII, K-65 / Fieseler Fi 156 Storch, K-74 / Fairchild UC-61 Forwarder.
Successes of Aircraft Repair Company Trenčín
(1949 - 2006)
Establishment of a repair facility (workshops) at Trenčianske Biskupice Airport while drawing on the Regional Aviation Storage Facility 4 after it is moved from Nitra to Trenčín (1949). The redesigning of some buildings starts, construction preparation of new halls gets underway.
On 1 January 1954, Aircraft Repair Facility Trenčín starts operation under the administration of the Czechoslovak National Defense Ministry, thus marking a shift from a budgetary organization to a company-type one; later, it transforms into a Soviet-type "chozrascot" organization (1954 - 1955).
As of 1 October 1958, based on the National Defense Ministry's decision, the facility is renamed Aircraft Repair Company Trenčín.
Gradual expansion of the company's repair activities and capacities (1960 - 1976).
The 1970s mark a breakthrough era in the company's history, introducing the new "turbojet" era.
Investment construction - the company's final construction stage (1977 - 1987).
Construction of a runaway with concrete surface and a total length of 2,200m (1987).
Transformation of the company into a state-run company; the company's founder is the Federal Ministry of National Defense as of 1 July 1989.
With the establishment of the Slovak Republic on 1 January 1993, the official founder of the company is the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic.
New era (2006...)
The former state-run company is transformed into a joint stock company as of 1 February 2006.
The founder of LOTN, a.s., is the Slovak Republic, while the Ministry of Defense acts on its behalf.
Chapters of history
Scope of aircraft types repaired
L-410 (all variants), L-39, MiG-29, L-29, Mi-17, Mi-24
Other repairs in compliance with PART 145 No. Sk 145.005
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