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A new motivation and wage system...
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Quality in compliance with normative basis of EASA, ISO...
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We are aware that the ability to supply services faster than our competitors in deadlines agreed upon in advance and in required quality and quantity is the underlying aspect of our competitiveness. We know how to and at the same time we want to perform our services to the satisfaction of our customers and employees.
Development platform
After our transformation from a military state-run enterprise to a joint stock company, we aim to conduct our activities more effectively and in better quality, hence taking our business to a higher level.
By receiving a new extended Certificate ISO 9001:2008, our capabilities have been markedly improved; as a result, we can now offer more valuable services to our customers.
Thanks to the outcomes of changes within the Defense Department of the Slovak Republic and reductions in troop levels of the Slovak Armed Forces, we are now able to also diversify into civilian programs.
After a thorough assessment of our potential, we would like to approach large aviation companies, offering them the same enhanced quality of service that we now provide for the Armed Forces.
We have introduced a lean manufacturing program with a flat organizational structure.
We have applied the Six Sigma Method designed to improve productivity, performance, and enhance the quality of products and services.
We also apply other verified methods: for example, Kaizen, 5S, and other advanced management systems.
Our persuasion
Each and every company is made up of three basic resources: economic, technical and human. However, people remain our most important asset. Therefore, this company has a great future.
New steps taken to enhance efficiency
innovative performance assessment and reward system
digitalization of all information flows
implementation of education programs
rationalization of all material flows
reduction of running costs, elimination of non-productive activities
saving of energy and material
integration of manufacturing processes and administrative activities
maximum utilization of the company's tangible and intangible assets
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