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A test pilot exercises his or her profession voluntarily. He or she is fully aware of the risks involved... At the end of the day, we take full responsibility for equipment, and for people using it.
How we accomplish our mission
We ensure quality in the whole range of aircraft, aircraft unit and equipment maintenance, including airport ground equipment in compliance with legally binding regulations, i.e. legislation both in military and civil aviation areas valid in the Slovak Republic and the EU.
We undertake to oversee the airworthiness of aircraft, their flight parameters and qualities as prescribed in pertinent documentation.
What it involves
While carrying out maintenance, repairs and upgrades of civil aircraft, we are committed to meeting all the requirements imposed on us as an organization performing maintenance of aircraft equipment by the European Aviation Security Agency - EASA.
The official body entrusted with the oversight responsibility for the enforcement of legislative conditions in the civil area is the Civil Aviation Authority of the Slovak Republic).
The official bodies entrusted with oversight and enforcement of legislation in the military area and with application of provisions valid in the EU and NATO within the Slovak legislation are Úrad vojenského letectva MO SR (Office of Military Aviation of the Slovak Defense Ministry) and Úrad pre obrannú štandardizáciu, kodifikáciu a štátne overovanie kvality (Office for Defense Standardization, Codification and State Product Quality Verification). While performing maintenance and upgrades of equipment for the Air Force and the Army, we proceed in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 and SOŠ AQAP.
Main areas of activity
quality assurance - performing processes in compliance with the normative basis of EASA and ISO
quality control
- besides conducting the quality control of processes, we ensure a systematic control of production on premises
- prior to take-off, we control all the prescribed work and confirmations by certified personnel
- verification of qualities of chemical materials, paints, fuels, lubricants, etc.
- non-destructive testing
- checks of pressure vessels, lifting equipment, electrical devices, etc.
metrology - a scope of activities certified by Slovenské akreditačné centrum (Slovak Accreditation Center), including verification and calibration of certain measurement devices
Our objective
We aim to achieve the certification of Aircraft Repair Company Trenčín JSC in compliance with NATO standards (STANAG).
What we control
input equipment - aggregates, components, parts...
maintenance planning - outlining all phases and their technical provision
suppliers and the system of supplies - they must meet the same conditions as AMO - Accredited Maintenance Organization (Part 21, Part 145, ISO 9000-2001, etc.)
all activities conducted in the process of main- tenance, repairs and upgrades of equipment
output equipment
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